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On His Way

Devin q.k Richmind  better known as “q.k” is an artist and creator of the company and brand Regardless Records and Ent. 

q.k’s love for music began as a child riding around with his dad listening to artists like Jay-Z and DMX. His father would stop the music and ask if he understood certain “punchlines” and explain them to him. This love for music continued as he grew. The shift that changed it all for q.k was when he had his 3rd football injury and decided that to shift from making moves on the field to making them in music.


q.k believes in the starting from where you are currently, and start building & progressing. Q has done a lot of research that has given him the edge he needs to have an advantage in the hip-hop culture.  

After obtaining the knowledge, he had to apply it. Again and again. 

"A man has to take his "mess ups" and get it right. 


q.k has scaled his business for success.  By investing and teaming up w. Engineer and producer RJFull Range, they have created businesses that propel their progress more efficiently.  


By creating and selling his own merchandise as a daily job, he has grown socially and on an entrepreneurial level.  Q says he wants to be the next DTE, No Limit, Roc-a-fella, and has a unquiet blend of a businessman and artist . 

To date q.k has sold over 5000 albums hand-to-hand following the game plan of the people he looks up to that has already made their mark on the hip-hop world, referencening moguls such as Nipsey Hussle, Master P, Jay Z, and a handful of other artists who believed in themselves and self-invested before “blowing up” for the world to see. 


Q.k is on his way!

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